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Remember, sometimes good things do come to those who wait. Love goddess Venus will be feisty and fearless in Aries from April May 15, making this a perfect time to take a chance on love.

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Fortunately, with Venus transiting your opposite sign of Gemini this summer June 8-July 3 , the stage is set for a meeting of the minds. In the eagerness to share your interests, though, you might get a little overbearing—so make sure your significant other finds the subject as fascinating as you do. It can be easy to forget where you end and your partner begins.

After all, with the North Node in Cancer all year, sensitivity is an absolute must—and supportive, nurturing relationships provide major opportunities for personal growth. For a free spirit like you, it can be scary to let someone else take care of you. Unfortunately, with Uranus crashing into your house of work on March 6 and staying there until , change is inevitable… and often unpredictable.

You can either work with it, or against it.

Harness the power of Uranus in Taurus to break free from your daily grind! The passionate, sexual possibilities ramp up with Mars trine Jupiter on Jan Although the emphasis is on your own personal luck and self-confidence in , the boost in self-esteem is bound to have knock-on effects on your love life. This is generally a very pleasant year with Saturn behaving itself and taking a backseat now that it is in Capricorn. Any problems that surface will mainly be to do with overindulgence and jumping into things without thinking.

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Trying to keep your feet on the ground may prove difficult with Neptune turning the root of your chart into quicksand! This is an outer planet however so this will not be a huge worry, just watch out when it gets triggered by transits from faster moving planets. When Neptune steams up you could find yourself floating in a fantasy world.

Marvellous if you are artistic, but be wary of investing large sums in property without expert advice. Saturn in your cash house will be especially stingy, so that should restrict any yearnings to buy impractical pink-turreted castles. Most people worry about Saturn in the second house of cash because nobody wants to feel financially insecure.

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Of course, there is always the possibility of that base level of experience, but usually, because Saturn is setting a lesson for you to find out what is truly valuable in your life. Discipline helps you to avoid some problems at work that can end in a labor conflict with unforeseeable consequences.

However, suggest your point of view and communicate in a relaxed but convincing way why you believe that a task should be done in the opposite direction ordered by your superiors. Also, Sagittarius today will go through feelings of weakness and economic instability, although it is more of a perception than a reality.

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It is important that you analyze with coldness the situation of your finances without alarmism or fatalism. Be optimistic. Discomfort in the cervical area can lead to dizziness that incapacitates you for today.

Sagittarius daily horoscope – January 22

The problems of vertigo are very unpleasant and today will affect the Sagittarius with some dizziness and feeling of uneasiness. The immediate reaction should be to avoid intense work.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from 15th January - 22nd January 2018

Most of the time, the cause of vertigo is cervical pain, so when the neck discomfort disappears, dizziness also tends to go away. The most important thing is to rest as much as you can and avoid imbalances between the head and neck. Make gentle movements to stimulate the area. All about Capricorn.